Exercise 0007 – Average 9/20 SoCS



Prompt for SoCS on September 20, 2014 from LindaGHill

It was an average day.

The snow had settled in a sheet of white across the Nebraskan plains. Charcoal grey clouds hung heavily, resting against the horizon in a dense fog. Steam rolled from a rosewood hot tub, the bubbles roiling. The frothy water was a light pink color.

K$sh cleaned off her gun and forearm with a fluffy mint green towel. The blood had gotten everywhere, even in her mouth. She spat a few times, then holstered her pistol. Reaching into the tub’s warm liquid, she hooked her arms around the limp arms of the $enator.

Well, late $enator.

Grunting, she stumbled as the lower half of his body slipped quickly out of the tub. She managed to keep standing, dragging the body towards the inside of the cabin. Hoisting it over the dip and across the floor, she clapped her sturdy boot heel against the hardwood. Lights dimmed, turning on slowly. Everything was tinted green, but it slowly faded to blue, then red, then yellow, then green.

K$sh left the heavy man’s body in the open, grabbing an apple from the kitchen island and picking up the backpack she’d prepared before she’d finished the job. Biting into the green flesh, the fruit crunched. She slung the pack over her shoulder.

She left out the front door, eating the apple and watching as the mist migrated across the wide land. Walking over, she unlocked the $enator’s car and got in the driver’s seat. After messing with the hardware of the dash, she tossed her applecore out the window and started towards the city. As she drove, she called her boss.


“Excellent, Carl will be calling about the next.”


“We’re having dinner at the Bistro in a few hours, if you can make it back in time.”

“I’ll be there,” she promised, pressing on the gas and zooming down the wide, country road. A long drive awaited her.