Planning – NaNo’15

Day -05 (until) NaNoWriMo.

In true fashion to using NaNo for my own devices as a writer, I tend to set my own restrictions and rules. So part of my prep is defining what I’m, specifically, going to be doing in November.


  1. How many words to reach by November 30?  A. 75,000 words.
  2. Will I work on old manuscripts or start something new?   A. Both.
  3. How many old manuscripts will I work on?    A. Three at most.
  4. A goal of 75,000 requires how many words per day to be completed?   A. 2500 words/day.
  5. Will I include a goal of Publishing a Novella by November 30?                          A. Maybe, leaning towards yes.
  6. Possible combination of manuscripts?  A. ’14Novel -> ’15 New-Novel -> Novella -> New-Short -> 1-2 Old Manuscript.

Things to Do in the coming 5 Prep Days:

  1. Diagram possible combination of manuscripts.
  2. Choose how many words per manuscript out of the 2500 words/day, reaching an accumulated 75k between all works.
  3. Write a Meal Plan/Food-Option List to reference during the month.
  4. Tidy/Organize Desk and Filing Boxes. Set up Alternate Writing Spots in bedroom and kitchen.
  5. Consolidate and organize manuscript notes.
  6. Prepare 7 Playlists between Spotify and Youtube, one for each day, 24 hours long, tagged by emotion/moods.
  7. Create a priority tasklist for any art that needs to be done, in addition.
  8. Choose a Publishing Pen-Name for Amazon already.
  9. Set up lighting around desk and writing areas.
  10. Collect all comfortable, warm and layered clothing – maybe get some new lounge pants and a sweater.
  11. Set up a Coordinated Pinterest Board for Inspiration (private-based).
  12. Gather writing utensils in mugs (part of #4).
  13. Believe in Myself. Compose Myself. Focus.

This is an attempt at making the first week easier on myself so I’m not scrambling to figure out what I’m doing, even if I end up changing what I’m doing mid-way through November.

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