Exercise 0011 – “mb” 06/11 SoCS


a word with “mb” in that order in it.

Prompt for SoCS on June 11, 2016 from LindaGHill

Sweetness of the gods, Ambrosia known as nectar under the great trees of the highest mountain peaks. Forbidden to human, the mortals that dwell upon the flatlands of the Earthly realm. It is strange, to consider, that these lands where gods fear to descend are the catacombs of the immortals who’ve shed their eternity.

Worse yet, however, is below this and how far can a creature descend before reaching above again. It is said there are many gates to the underworlds, but how many gates defend above? Equal or fewer?

Nothing can compare, however, to the sweetness that comes through fruits of higher existence or the richness that comes from below to feed this sweetness. Refined through roots into a single fruit, Ambrosia known to the gods and mortals as unobtainable, but known all the same.

What purpose lies in something as simple as a fruit’s nectar? What substance does it provide those who require nothing? Alas, the whims of the immortals are detached from the frustrations of the finite.

Within the catacombs, known as Earth, where immortals choose to die, there is no reach for the fruit above that can actually pick it for consumption. Instead, it can be seen and understood, but never tasted. To return takes a great deal of planning, a fair amount of time, and perhaps even a bit of sacrifice.

To move through the passageways in order to unlock significance, the elixir of life cannot be found in pleasant fruits or desserts meant for immortals. Instead, it must be ingested through the fungus of the beetles that crawl along the catacombs. Eat as the beetles eat, devour stale life and if you eat enough, perhaps it may start tasting sweet and you may start feeling lighter. It is then, that you may rise again.