Happy New Year!

I have a new Twitter account, please follow if you’d like to keep up on quick/fun updates about my writing and publications in the coming year. (I also RT inspirational stuff… if you’re into that.)

There is also my Smashwords profile which the actual publications will show up on, if you already have a Smashwords account to follow with – that’s another way to keep tabs on things and I’d very much appreciate the support!

Anyways, 2016 is over and here comes 2017!

I’m very excited for this coming year. Very. Excited.

I still have some work on the blog itself before it will get up and running for the year (like learning whether I can actually manage to figure out how to create a “Child Theme” and deciding if I want to implement a new theme for the page).

Once that’s figured out, I’m going to try to get out 1-2 blog articles a month on various writing-related topics that are special to me. 3-4 posts on months that I’m super ambitious.

It’s one of my New Year’s Resolutions and a double-down since I’ve decided to keep my blog around and continue to develop it into a space where I can enjoy sharing my thoughts about my process and journey of being a self-published author in the modern world (post-2016) with writers, artists, and readers alike.

Otherwise, my focus is set on writing, editing, creating covers, and publishing my works.

Last year, I used Word and Google Doc for writing.

This coming year, I will be using Scrivener strictly except for formatting.

Last year, I tested out Amazon’s platform for self-publishing. I don’t actually have complaint against them (surprising, I know!), so I might use them in the future as a secondary platform, but…

This coming year, Smashwords will be my primary publication platform (lol, PPP).

I will also begin researching the process of using Createspace because I am of the traditional mindset that there is something to having an actual book in hand with pages that can be flipped, ripped, marked upon, and felt.

However, how many traditional books get tossed out into dumpsters or garage sales or donation bins, ending up as waste…. so I still have some thinking to do on that measure because sometimes books do end up on permanent shelves or regarded quite highly by the rare people who were touched enough to revere the tome.

Anyhoo, 2017 is a year of the #10 – of not only completion, but a step beyond completion, into rebirth and renewal, diving back to the internal soul to find and exert personal independence.

I hope it will be a good year for both you and me.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Let us know how your Scrivener experience goes! I finally gave Scrivener a go this year (well, the fourth time in as many years) and I think I finally “like” it. I used it strictly for editing. I think I’m too used to writing in one long document, and using the heading and outlining features in Word work for the first and second drafts.

    Looking forward to all your accomplishments this year!

    1. I definitely will when I get a good feel for it and how it’s doing! It is very different from Word already, but helps with organizing information on my fantasy novels so far with isolating specific chapters/scenes I want to focus on and others I can move past.
      Thanks and Happy New Year! ^_^

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