January, the First Month of 2017

It’s only the first month of the year, but so much has happened in the past four weeks!

I started off with still coming down from NaNoWriMo, the fading image of what was an entire novel’s worth of writing lingering in the far back of my mind.

This time last year I published a NaNo novel under a different penname, which I later abandoned in late summer (and unpublished). I don’t regret the decision to pull back because I wasn’t ready to commit to a series like that. In the meantime, I learned about Amazon’s platform, formatting, and other aspects that I hadn’t yet explored in the publishing process.

Upon this New Year, I resolved to publish something I’ve been developing for almost 3 years. Though short at 9,600 words, the length was never the point; what mattered was the story itself.

I gave myself a month for publishing… it only took two days to actually finish.

With that done (you can read a sample here), I look to my next task on my short, but sturdy resolution list; Finishing and publishing a novel using Scrivener.

So far, there are a couple obstacles arising that I’ll have to overcome…

First, I keep going between different novel projects and am unsure which I want to put effort into publishing for this year. I have my logical priorities, my emotional entanglements, my passionate obsessions, and my understanding that once I just finish one, then I can move on to the next. Letting go of the ideal of perfection is still an ongoing process, as well.

Second, during this month I went through a multi-interview process and acquired a full-time management position within a large company. I’m grateful for the great opportunity, but as such, my time has been drastically limited and my body is getting used to the difference in my schedule. Tomorrow marks the end of my first week. I greatly enjoy my position and the project of fixing… well, to make a writer’s metaphor out of it; editing an incredibly rough draft.

Next month will be mostly focused on getting up-to-speed and putting the project back on course.

When the synchronicity of opportunity and energy align, I am going to sit down and flesh out a plan for my writing and how it can fit into my new 40hr/wk schedule.

That time might be as soon as tonight after I publish this post….. or it might be later into the next month. Either way, it’ll happen, I have no doubt in that.

Because I am busy though, I wanted to link Jean’s post about Gender & Writing, where I made a fairly long comment on characters and developing gender expression. I might whip up a post about the topic in February, but in case I don’t, you can refer to the link and just read the comment itself.

For old-time’s sake; here’s some music. I have a YT account now for sharing/putting together music playlists, btw. Also, have been putting partial character playlists on there just for fun.



art credit: Kinuko Y. Craft