March, the third month of 2017

As is life, a lot has happened in the past couple of months.

I’ve been working on my fantasy novel, Stolen Control, since I decided to start a major revision in Jan-Feb. It’s intimidating having over 100,000 words to develop and smooth… and I haven’t even reached the later half where there are scenes waiting to be fleshed in writing.

Still, I have to start somewhere and the best I can figure is to approach the process in a linear fashion. It’s not my first edit with this manuscript, but it will be the final revision and everything afterwards will be proof-reading edits before publication.

At the start of March, I made the goal to reach chapter 15 at the very least by the end of the month. I’m currently in the middle of chapter 7, slowed down by creative decision-making and a couple complete rewrites (and “life stuff”, which I’ll mention below, but that is taken into account regardless).

That leaves about 7.5 chapters to get through in the next nine days. Might not be done, but if I dedicate two-three full days to hammer it out… it’s possible.

Of course, there are over 70 chapters (probably will be more like 80 once finished) ranging from 2k to 4k in length. So, mental intimidation levels when it comes to approaching the novel are enough to rattle me now and then. I experience sensations of overwhelm when I have more decisions to implement than practical ability to write them all out at once/lay to page. It’s a mad dash to gather and sort everything and it feels like I’m trying to do it all within seconds of time, despite the awareness that I have all the time in the world.

My stubbornness is meeting this at a head though and right now I get my best work done when I get absolutely ruthless, especially when it comes to pesky insecurities about my world development or narrative abilities.

Scrivener’s been a great help. It’s nice having separate tabs to organize and character profiles to quickly reference. I’m enjoying the program so far. It’s far more efficient than Word has ever been for me.

Meanwhile, I, the One has been doing well on Smashwords for the past 3 months it’s been out. No reviews yet, but that’s fine. I’m considering a free promotion for possible reviewers or maybe just whoever wants to read it…

Also, might expand to offer the story on Amazon/Kindle in the coming summer. As well as designing a new cover. I like the current cover, but I think a new one would be nice too. I’d like to have a few reviews under its belt before bringing it to Amazon though. For now, I’ll let it do its thing and sit there for people to find on the various platforms that Smashwords provides. There’s no major pressure to promote the story, least not until I have a novel or two out in the world as well.

Thus, my main focus is on my novels… or it should be… lately, I’ve been utterly consumed with the desire to start developing a new short story or two. So, I’ll probably have to make some room for that in the midst of revising Stolen Control and writing the final draft of Reptilian Wanderer during CampNaNoWriMo next month.

These are all things for the coming week and month, once I finish a move to a new home tomorrow. The move should be entirely finished by Friday, so this weekend might be set for intense writing/revising sessions!

I’m happy to be moving, even if it was caused by the unfortunate event of being fired from the job I started in January. I was incredibly irritated by the decision for a lot of personal details played into it and I had little-to-no control over any of it.

To add insult, it’s the first time I’d ever been fired/let go from a workplace… and it wasn’t even for doing a bad job. I got a great deal done in the short time I was there, beyond what was expected. I’m a hard worker when I’m employed, taking pride in efficiency, but when I get a high fever and struggle with a viral infection, I’m not the type to numb myself with strong medications and go to work anyways. I stay in bed and take care of myself. If an employer doesn’t understand this, they are not someone I want to work for anyways.

It would have been nice to quit instead so my combo score hadn’t been ruined. What annoys me most is that I overlooked a lot at the workplace (like initially not being paid what was contractually agreed to), I chose to stay positive-minded and I was going to keep working there to help the company out despite their utter failings (while looking for work elsewhere)… and they decided to stab me in the gut instead.

So, I’ve been processing the emotions of that since it happened about three weeks ago. Currently, I’m at the stage of bitterness. I want to move on and find my next job, while focusing on what’s important for me. Part of that is the decision to move… which was something I’d been considering beforehand. Moving into new environments stimulates my thoughts and thus, affects my creative endeavors positively.

Anyways, this is quite enough personal blogging for me. Looking forward, these next two months should prove exciting, if not interesting. I’m getting access to a garden again, so will be planting seeds for spring. Also, will be refocusing fitness goals so I can start up running again for spring/summer. I have a draft for a post on Self-Editing coming this month (next week). I might blog some CampNaNoWriMo updates during April, in addition to a few inquiry posts on writing topics in April-May.