G + H is for Gentle Handwriting #AtoZChallenge

As a writer who participates in NaNoWriMo sprints and has a long history of chat and forum RPing, it’s been a custom to type my prose… and type fast! My most recent WPM I tested at was 110+ WPM. I practice and keep up on knowing my keyboard as well as proper posture.

Typing on a keyboard while writing, when my momentum is going, feels like playing on a piano or something similar. It is both relaxing and energizing at the same time for me.

But sometimes, there is room to be made for the tactile opposite of typing; Handwriting.

Not just any handwriting, but Gentle Handwriting is a very specific term.

If you’d like to practice gentle handwriting, you’ll need…

  • a notebook or few pieces of paper,
  • a pen or pencil,
  • a comfortable seat to rest
  • something sturdy to place the paper on
  • (preferably beside a window or candle).

The goal of this exercise is to find a relaxed state of mind and body while writing as slowly as possible. Spend ten minutes on deciding what the first word will be. Don’t write it down until you’re absolutely sure of what you want the first sentence to be.

When you do write it, write slowly with the chosen writing utensil.

Give the letters some flourish, enjoy the feeling of writing.

Look out the window or stare at the candle some before scribing the next word.

Continue this and take your time. Think over the words and which to choose. You can think about where the story is going or you can simply explore your vocabulary and relationship with certain words and how to structure them into sentences.

Gentle Handwriting is a form of active meditation and can be incredibly relaxing. It can also spark inspiration and accomplish some interesting results to use later in writing projects.