May, the Fifth Month of 2017

Hello to new followers! Thanks for the follow. This blog primarily focuses on writing (with the exception of these personal 1-2 month updates) so please comment below with suggestions/requests for any topics or discussions you’d be interested in seeing on this blog (frequent readers can always comment as well, of course).

The start of May brings fresh energy to my writing endeavors. While I didn’t finish AtoZChallenge, I did complete CampNaNoWriMo. I decided to participate in AtoZ on a whim the day-of and it was an interesting exercise to come up with topics to post within the same day. It’s not what I usually do since I consider blog topics, draft a post or two, and then write it within a week or more depending on how much I want to edit so I can evaluate the topic’s presentation with fresh eyes before posting. On average, I probably spend more like two weeks on a single blog post.

Finding a compromise between that and the shorter length of prep time is something I’m still figuring out. Right now, a length of about ten days seems to allow for enough development, but five days or less encourages the initial momentum to keep.

As for writing, a fair amount has happened between now and last update in March. Stolen Control got set aside because I chose to work on Reptilian Wanderer for the last month or so. While I finished my goal, there’s a lot of rewriting I want to tackle before moving on to the next step. By the end of this month, I’ll have finished RW‘s manuscript and hopefully have found an editor that I want to work with by then. My first (and second) pick aren’t accepting new clients. But at the very least, I’ll grab a beta-reader or two and a proofreader.

My plan is to publish Reptilian Wanderer to Smashwords and Kindle by early Fall of this year.

Meanwhile, I’m formatting a Kindle edition for my short story; I, the One. There’ll be a new fancy illustration cover for that edition (so exciting). I’m considering exploring CreateSpace and Audible as well, using the story as a test run project to know whether those platforms are something I want to use with larger projects later on.

The Kindle edition should be released by either the end of this month or early June.

I’ve started the groundwork for a permanent Mailing List, which will be available by the time the Kindle Edition comes out. There’ll be a sign-up page on the blog here and I’ll post about it then to let interested people know. I still have to smooth out the images and color schemes of the forms, but soon.

Driven by my urge to write short stories in late March, I’ve followed through and am now in the process of working on about 4-5 short stories. Three of them are for collaboration projects, so that’s fun. One is nearly finished with the first draft and the other is getting there. The rest are still in the beginning stages. I’m in the early stages of romance with the stories, enjoying the characters involved.

On the personal front, we’re done with the move to our new home and have begun settling. I had a job interview a couple days ago and am waiting to hear back this coming week. There aren’t a lot of opportunities in this area, but it’s balanced by the cost of living being cheaper. All of that is kind of an afterthought right now as I’m focused on developments when it comes to my writing on both the literal writing side, the networking side, and on the business side of things.

Ideally, right now, I want to have enough hustle to develop writing into a publication pipeline that’ll be my primary job and income source. This is ambitious, as I’m sure I don’t have to tell any other writers who already understand the stakes involved with making fiction writing into a viable and supporting career (Trad pub or self-pub, either way). With that motivation in mind though, I intend to fan the flames to write more, collaborate more, and publish more. I know I’m ready for it, all that is left is to actually do the work.

I’ve started gardening again and found a great pilates class at a local gym, as well as making time for a 5×5 strength-training program. I’m back to drinking coffee regularly, but find that as long as I exercise/sweat during the day that it seems to balance out any excess anxiety that comes from the espresso.

Another effort of mine that got started this last month and will probably continue on for the next few months is that I’m trying to increase my output of usable writing. Aiming for 6k-8k per day and at the very least, finishing a chapter a day. Still searching for a system that works for me. Routine doesn’t come naturally to me, so it’s a bit of a trick, but I stubbornly want to find something that’ll work and I believe that it exists.

So by early July, I aim to have Kindle edition of I, the One available, a permanent mailing list for readers to sign up for direct information about my releases, a slick bio written to match on all social media outlets that I have a presence on, official editing and/or beta-reading of Reptilian Wanderer underway, a cover commission in the works for RW, possibly Createspace offering of I, the One and an Audible production developed, participation in two collaboration anthologies (thus, two new short stories published), a short story submission to a magazine, a few blog posts here and there, maybe an independent short story/novella available or in the works, further development of Stolen Control, and…

…geez, put together that all sounds like a lot… But it’s doable because a lot can happen in two months.


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    1. Work will do that, it’s why I try to avoid jobs when I can. Unfortunately, my bank account doesn’t agree with that policy yet. Maybe you can try to harvest ideas while at work?

    1. Of course! ^_^ I’m about 6000 words in, will be hitting 10k, then parsing it to the essential and sending it your way once that’s done.

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