Kindle Edition Release of I, the One

Yesterday, the kindle edition of “I, the One” released along with the new cover art.

“I, the One” is a short story in an etheric reality where souls are hunted, captured, consumed and willpower distinguishes the strong from the weak.

My first publication of many to come, I wanted to mark a moment I’ll remember in five years from now and set a foundation for the energy and aesthetic to present my work with.

It reached the Top 50 Best Sellers for its genre categories last night. A flash of success that inspires me to write harder with intention of publishing more.

Next to come is my debut novel, Reptilian Wanderer. Tentative release is set for Fall, but the sooner the better.

Don’t forget I have a Mailing List now for direct updates about book releases. No spam and not that many e-mails. Right now, it’s literally for sending information about any deals, releases, or similar data that has to do with my publications.

Here’s the Kindle Link to purchase;

I, the One



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