Entering 3rd Year of WordPress

Yesterday was my third year anniversary with WordPress.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 1.06.28 PM

I’ve been quiet for the last three weeks or so because I started a new job. Update on what else I’ve been up: I released the kindle edition of I, the One. That went and is going extremely well, getting reviews, hearing responses, and selling steadily every other day or so. My mailing list is finally live and growing. Decided on an author bio that I’ll probably stick to until next year unless there’s a specific need to create a new one.

A cover commission is in the works for Reptilian Wanderer. The editing has been stalled some as I didn’t finish writing the last few chapters according to my prior timeline before I snagged a job. Also decided to not pursue Createspace (Amazon now produces paperbacks directly?) or audible for I, the One.

So, what am I looking at for the next month or so?

Definitely having the official editing of Reptilian Wanderer underway as it’s a matter of writing out the already outlined words for the last chapters. The cover art will probably be complete by the end of July or sometime in August. Also, will be editing short stories that are involved in anthologies to prepare for final release sometime in fall. Perhaps my novel and an anthology will end up coming out around the same time.

Also want to share about three or four WordPress blogs about various writerly topics over the course of the next few weeks. I’m exploring a couple new avenues for short stories/novellas. Once Reptilian Wanderer is edited and moving closer to publication, then I’m going to be moving my attention to the next novel already. Haven’t decided which one it’ll be, but there’s about three or four contenders.


3 thoughts on “Entering 3rd Year of WordPress

  1. Congrats on your job — and the 3 year anniversary! I hope your job is treating you well, and that it’s tolerable. Author bios are hard, kudos for being satisfied with it! The self-promotion aspect of a bio is so tough. I feel that the less in-depth I think about it, the easier it is, colloquially speaking.

    Good luck with editing, and deciding which story to pursue!

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