Release of We, the Two

Released Today on Kindle and Smashwords.

An Etheric Fantasy Short Story.

In a rush, Hanhoka must reach her long-time colleague before the practice of trading Souls is banned. With her brother, Hinom, at her side, they make their way to the meeting place. Souls are in short supply, things seem desperate, but a rare sighting of the last Soul Hunter offers hope.

Hanhoka schemes and takes advantage of her ability to weave fate —as well as some unlikely connections— to trap the Hunter. Even in these etheric realms, however, her omniscience is limited and the presence of an ancient, ghastly shadow prevents her plan from being fulfilled without a sorrowful consequence.

“We, the Two” is a short story in an etheric reality where willpower distinguishes the strong from the weak and souls are hunted, captured, even consumed.

Next to come are two novels that I’m working on. The first should be released sometime in early 2018.

If you want to get direct updates about that project, join my Mailing List! There won’t be spam or even reminders, just informative release e-mails!

We, the Two


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