Have You Ever Lucid Dreamed?

If you could, would you WANT to lucid dream…

Or if you have already, do you USE your experience in your art?

Either way, lucid dreaming is one of those life experiences that can inform artful writing as much as any other lived or observed phenomena.

Dreams felt in a lucid sense, with full awareness of self in the moment, can offer the sensation of being more you than you are right now.

In the dreaming planes of our mind, entire worlds can be manipulated and the physical laws we take for granted can be cast aside. Here, magic is real – with or without the k.

It isn’t always Wonder and Awe though.

Experiences are about the full range of sensation and feelings that a human can… wellexperience.

Lucid dreams can sometimes be paired with sleep paralysis or some form similar to it, either in the tail end, the start, or the middle of the sequence.

Along with sleep paralysis, there are many ways to perceive and sense dreams in variations of lucidity.

Nightmare sequences, or startling realizations of consciousness within the subconscious domain of existence, can be jarring and stay with the dreamer for weeks after the experience.

There is great creative power in dreams.

Not everyone would agree to this. In society, we are trained and programmed to treat dreams as so commonplace that they are expected to be regarded as boring.

Symbols, after all, only mean something to the person perceiving them so how could anyone else find interest in that?

Of course, it isn’t a wild statement to say that many amazing artists have probably drawn inspiration and influence from their dreams.

For the lackluster dreamer, who doesn’t recall any of the visions whilst he sleeps, there are many techniques forged by pioneers in dream tech to aid them in uncovering what lay beneath.

The more attention you give your dreams, the more information they will supply.

The more you recall, the more there will be to recall.

Eventually you will remember so much data, so many symbols, and so much potential meaning, that you will give up. It will be too much to write or speak and require too much of your waking day to record.

This goes for ordinary, non-lucid dreams as well. Lucid dreams get the luxury of also being recalled in somatic-like memory.

Warp the literal and find the connections.

It is the unrefined artist who takes a dream and literally places it upon a page for others to consume.

Dreams are made to be warped, molded, controlled.

They beg for it.

So shape the dream into something bearable to those people outside of your mind, the ones taught to not respect or admire dreams themselves, make your dreams into conceivable stories.

Better yet, cut apart your dreams and sprinkle them over waking-made stories and narratives.

Yes, better to season than to douse…

…because dreams are powerful flavors and lucid dreams are like salt.

Have you ever Lucid Dreamed before?

Do you want to?

Comment below...

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