What’s Coming in 2018 (+Cover Reveal!)

42 days into the new year so here’s an update!

While I’m going to stay quiet about my current progress (mystery), I wanted to share a sneak peek of this year’s expected series.

Sometime in the coming year, my readers will be able to enjoy:

👑 The Descent Files: HANA

A complete novella series, set in an earth-like medieval fantasy world, about the mythic legend of a physical incarnation experienced by the spirit, Hanhoka.

Due to a Twitter poll I conducted recently, this will be the first series released this year.

🚀 The Future Dawn Series

A cyberpunk light novel series, set roughly 180 years from now, following a crime scene cleaner who helps a woman look for her lost memories in an interstellar society.

💀 The Ones Saga

Set in the same alien universe as I, the One and We, the Two, these novels involve an interwoven group of souls traveling through realities and struggling with the most powerful forces in existence.


Maybe once these are settled and published, I’ll get the start of my classical fantasy series out. Past readers of the blog will know it as “Stolen Control“, which I’m sticking with so far.

There are many reasons why I’m not rushing to finish Stolen Control sooner. This book requires a lot to create an entirely finished and polished product. It’ll feature a sophisticated world map and I’m toying with the idea of having in-book illustrations (like fairy tale or legend books have with wood-block drawings of illustrated scenes). Since it’ll be in print, I’m considering making the series lighter and more volumes (instead of heavier and fewer volumes) for cheaper print-on-demand costs.


In Addition

A short story of mine (Galactic Gamble) is the featured-cover of Cirsova’s first issue of the year (Issue #7). If you’re not familiar with the magazine, Cirsova, check them out! Other authors featured in the same issue are Jason Scott Aiken, Adrian Cole, Louise Sorensen, and more! Link for the issue is in the sidebar of Cirsova’s page. Though I don’t think pre-orders are open anymore, it should be released and available for purchase either this month or next.

I’ll be sending something special out for my newsletter by the end of this month, which will be offered to anyone who joins, in anticipation for the first novella of The Descent Files, Princess Hana.

And here is the cover reveal!