1.1 Stassi, Space Huntress


Stassi flew up the mountain. She landed neatly on her feet when she found a smooth ledge. The trap had been set below, now all she had to do was wait. The alien woman once hated waiting, but it wasn’t so bad anymore. She’d gotten used to listening to music through the speakers installed in her transparent bubble-helmet.

Thin wisps of Barogian clouds drifted over the mountaintop around her. She felt the faint crackles of electricity jumping between the air formations and the iron-rich rocks. Grabbing a small red box from her belt, she tapped the button on the top and set it on the ground.

Narrow steel legs and arms extended out from the box. The tiny robot’s head surfaced from underneath the button. Lights glowed in its projected eyes and its mouth changed via pixels to form shapes.

“Miss Stassi,” said the toy robot, its voice fluctuating due to the electric currents in the air. It walked over to her, setting c-shaped claws on her leg. “How are you today, beautiful?”

“I need you to tell me whether any ships are nearby in a three-parsec range.” Stassi could already spy rising dust from the stampeding beasts in the distance. She stood up. Her miniskirt fluttered around her thighs, beaten by a voltaic breeze. The holographic fabric of her stylish suit reflected the triadic suns moving through their respective zeniths on the planetary short day.

“We’re in luck, looks like we won’t have to actually camp out.” She retrieved the emanator rifle from her travel pack. It unfolded to firing size. She flipped the activation switches. It warmed to the touch. “I need that report now, Rob.”

The miniature robot beeped. He waved his arms and said, “There are no identifiable crafts in a three-parsec range, Miss Stassi.”

Stassi knelt at the ridge’s perimeter. She picked up Rob, tapping the top button. The robot returned to a cube and she set it back in its holster. Spying through the rifle scope, she followed the massive dust cloud heading towards the mountain range.

Through the particles, she made out the hulking Barogian beasts. Powerfully built with dual rows of muscular haunches, the herd pounded the rocky landscape into rubble. Stassi surveyed the group, searching for the one she would separate from the others. There were a couple younglings, but the larger Barogian Beirse she captured, the more she would be paid.

After deciding on a broad female towards the back of the herd, Stassi secured the rifle’s strap to her wrist. She turned a dial on the jetpack strap, then flipped a switch. Stepping down on the internal heel-pump in her platform shoes, the pack sputtered.

In a rush, she flew off the mountain ledge and headed in the direction of the herd. She gathered the rifle in both hands, aiming a shot between the sprinting beasts. The recoil sent her back through the air until her jetpack compensated for the push. Stassi guided herself, shooting again to frighten her target.

Predictably, the female Beirse veered and broke away from the group. Stassi shot another energy-burst. The rock fell apart underneath the yellow ray. A little further and the beast stumbled into the set trap. The fake sheet of rock dissolved underneath the brawny legs and the Beirse squirmed inside the pit.

Stassi hovered above. She had to act quickly or else the Beirse would dig the rock into a slope and escape. The huntress entered the nearby tall rocket. She turned on the spacecraft and with a central joystick, controlled the exterior legs so the rocket crawled over the pit. From the rocket’s bottom, she lowered the enclosure dome to cover the Beirse. She watched through built-in cameras to see if the dome’s glass would hold under the Beirse’s desperate smashing.

After a minute of observation, certain that it would hold, she activated the dome to dig under the ground and create a floor. After the sealing process completed, she drew the captured beast into the rocket’s holding sector. Her work here was done, just as the first sun set on the horizon.

Stassi laughed. She took off her helmet. Her antennas uncurled, freely stretching upward. When the rocket dinged, prepared for launch, she drove it off the planet’s surface, through the atmosphere, and entered outer space.

She leaned back in the driver’s seat and opened a paper folder that contained the specific job information. Her destination wasn’t much farther away, only five days travel at top speed.



Author’s Note: Thanks for reading the first entry in this serial. I know a fair handful on Twitter voted for this serial to be on Steemit; but after some consideration, the inability to control posts after the first week is a dealbreaker for me.

What you can expect as a reader of this serial is a (hopefully) consistent schedule and possible incorporation of feedback. I haven’t decided the exact posting schedule yet as it is a side project. Maybe twice a month.

Storywise, there will be explorations of a retrofuturist inspired world, a mix of alien species living among humans, and the characters within. Stassi is our leading lady to start with and we’ll see where she takes us!

Some entries will be raw, others might have a great deal of revision. Since this is a development project, there is likely to be a range of quality over time. There may be retconning later in cases where it is needed. If this bothers you, please wait until the season is finished and compiled into an eBook for maximum quality.

With all that said, please enjoy and comment below (or use the contact form) to share reader feedback on reactions, what you’d like to see more of, questions, etc.

7 thoughts on “1.1 Stassi, Space Huntress

  1. Really nice intro. Looking forward to the huntress.

    I bet she struggles to get by, but juuuust manages. We shall see!

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