Spring Update (+cover reveal)

I recently held a Twitter poll about whether readers want updates while I’m working on getting projects out. It was neck-and-neck but in the end, “blog posts w/thoughts” won out.

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Otherwise, on the blog here, I’ll post seasonal updates of where I am with my projects and some of my thoughts. Most of all, I wanted to provide updates to let you (my readers) know that my current intention is to work on producing more for you to read! I don’t plan on talking about these specific projects forever. I plan on progressing them, finishing them, and moving onto the next! And then the next! …and the next after that! The sooner, the better.

So with that said, this is the…

2018 Spring Update!

For the past four months, I’ve been writing, revising, editing, proofing, formatting, working with artists and others, and generally ordering the chaos of creation. I’m experimenting with different processes to quicken my production speed, looking for what works best for me. Also working on evolving my own abilities and understanding with prose, storytelling, etc. (as always).

General Thoughts

There are a few different things I’ve been contemplating while doing this work.

1. How seriously I want to take my work and myself through this process. I generally try to not take myself too seriously, being rigid and uptight is stressful! At the same time, I don’t have any interest in writing throw-aways or just whatever either. There are moments where I have to ease up on how serious I find myself getting and other times where I have to remind myself to not be so flippant.

Still learning how to balance, but I prefer to reserve my serious side for when I’m making behind-the-scenes creative decisions. I’m flippant when it comes to things like my public author biographies, the adverts I put together, things like that. Perhaps I should be more “serious” when it comes to that stuff but… I’m still figuring it out!

2. How much time to allow for mind marination and pauses. While I’m working on increasing my speed of production, there is the question of how long to allow for breaks between revision and editing, editing and proofreading. The latter is more important as it tends to be the case that since I am proofreading my own work I have to give my eyes a few days break from the prose so I am more likely to catch errors.

Luckily, I tend to be okay at proofreading for errors (I’m naturally one of those readers who catches typos/errors in books) but I have to actually be reading and not skimming or too used to what the words are supposed to be. I try for two proofreads if I can. This adds more time onto production but the extra bit of attention feels worth it to me versus rushing the manuscript through with more errors than would otherwise be there.

3. Going outside of what is known from my current works. I write Science Fiction & Fantasy right now because that’s the easiest categorization to fit my work into. I personally don’t choose books to read based on their genres, I choose them based on my interest usually due to a recommendation or citation, sometimes by a cover and a random few pages that I glance over (if it’s a print book, I usually skim the middle of the book, not the first few pages).

So I’ve been considering how much I want to restrict and define my future works, when to apply market understanding, the reasoning behind those kind of decisions, and where more readers who might enjoy my work hang out and how to let them know my books exist…

I’ve been exploring horror, crime, and thriller elements. I usually come back around to SFF regardless but I feel as if these other “genres” have potential to bolster and support my SFF works as I develop them. Still SFF is the umbrella that my works go under and then subcategories define the rest.

Project Status

Where I am at with current projects:

The Descent Files: Hana

This is my active project (will be published and finished first). It started this month with Princess Hana being released! I am currently revising and editing the second book in this series, Queen Hana, and plan to move onto revisions for the third book soon while I finish up the second book edits. Queen Hana ended up longer than I thought it would. As soon as editing and proofreading is finished, I’ll be releasing it (sometime within the next couple of months) as soon as it is ready.

In the meantime, here is the cover for Queen Hana!


The Ones Saga

Ah, this is my BEAST project for 2018. How many times have I reorganized and reconsidered the scope of this project… more than I can count. I am on the cusp of the final outlines however. As soon as that is complete, then the raw manuscript will begin. I already have a few partial raw manuscripts but likely am going to cannibalize them based on the new outlines.

Something about this project is a persistent feeling that I must isolate myself to complete it; as if I should run off to some desert shack and tap the books out on an old laptop, dusty parchment covering the walls with frayed red string linking points together, and subsisting on black coffee, tobacco, and toast… as if that would make this work true to its intended nature. Of course this is entirely impractical, romantic meandering, and likely would just result in heat-stroked manic writings and acid reflux. Still it’s an interesting impulse to have and one I consider what it would be like to follow through with regardless.

Even though it is a beast of a creation with high-energy, brutal-powered concepts buzzing about in my mind and taunting me to just try to execute them, I am incredibly excited about putting together, writing, and finishing this work!

My hope is to finish the entire series within the year but it might be extended into the next year depending on how much time/energy it requires to get words on the page and sculpt them afterward. I want to write the entire bulk of each raw manuscript all at once, if possible while not working on anything else. This might be why I have an impulse to go off the grid and finish it that way. Also, probably for the purity of mind/intention that such seclusion would offer.

The Future Dawn Series

This is my troublemaker project already. Something about Science-Fiction heavy works… they like to give me a bit more trouble than my fantasies when putting them together. There’s probably a lesson in there somewhere.

Anyway, I’ve finished the first part of the first book and am working on smoothing out the overall series outline before writing more. This got bumped onto a back-burner and I’m planning on releasing it in Fall/Winter if everything goes well over the summer. The scope needs reconfiguration (which I’ve been busy with) and plain more development in general before I can feel good about releasing it.

I’ve always been a fan of cyberpunk, ever since I found a CD of Billy Idol’s Cyberpunk album many years ago at a garage sale, and am eager to sculpt this project into something highly entertaining… might need to get out the angle grinder though!

Other Projects

The above are my primary projects for this year… but I have a few other projects on my table. A couple of which I can’t talk about yet, but am excited for!

I’ve been fiddling with some short stories and possibly will send a few out to publications that I appreciate and where they might fit. I have a rough list of my 2019 projects that will follow the 2018 ones, though they’re likely to change over time.

The serial development project, Stassi: Space Huntress, I’m not sure how I feel about it right now. The setting is good, the characters have potential, there isn’t a strong plot yet, so I’m deciding if I want to continue developing via blog posts or if I want to reel it back and let it develop in private, then bring it out sometime later. It’s got potential for a fun retrofuturist space opera and plays with ideas I can’t explore as much with my other projects right now so… don’t know. I’m not going to worry about it too much though, it’s a nice outlet!

And auxiliary to writing, I’ve been reading a ton these past months. I haven’t been finishing that many books but I’ve been reading/skimming more than I did last year. There’s so much to read! It doesn’t help that I tend to be a non-fiction reader so adding fiction to that… it just adds to the list. I’m thinking about making time for library expedition trips (going to university libraries and spending a day reading titles I can’t find elsewhere).

That’s all for now, I’ll aim for a Summer Update sometime in July/August. We’ll see how much changes/progresses before then!

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