♪♫♬ TDF: Hana Soundtrack ♪♫♬

I haven’t shared a creative process post in a while and since it’s NaNoWriMo, here’s a simple one!

Putting together playlists, mixtapes, etc. (and curating illustration collections) is how I refine concepts I’m in the process of building.

This first week of NaNoWriMo, I’m focused on The Descent Files: Hana series.

So here is a soundtrack-styled list, that I put together today, using songs that have been part of my process with this series (Youtube links included next to them):

  1. Otoño Porteño – Astor Piazzolla (YT)
  2. Nice and Airy – Patrick Doyle (YT)
  3. The Proposition – James Newton Howard (YT)
  4. Hollow in the Ferns – Craig Armstrong (YT)
  5. Abyss Watchers – TPR (YT)
  6. A Vampire’s Heart – Peter Gundry (YT)
  7. Assassin’s Breath – Daniel Pemberton (YT)
  8. Twisted Nerve – Bernard Herrmann (YT)
  9. Awake – Malukah (YT)
  10. The Well – Hans Zimmer (YT)
  11. Barnacles – Emancipator (YT)
  12. Forked Tongues – Joseph Loduca (YT)
  13. Prelude/Last Day of Sun – Brian Reitzell (YT)
  14. Fargo Main Theme (Season 3) – Jeff Russo (YT)
  15. Lancaran Orde Baru, Pelog Barang – Pak Cokro (YT)

This includes tracks for Princess Hana, but it’s also a working mix so it includes the next 3 books in the series as well.

Here is the Youtube list that plays them in order (as listed) also.