October Organization & Outline Month


Acronym aside, this is my favorite season! This year, I’ll be focusing October on a special few things in the lead-up to November.

November is NaNoWriMo, which I will be participating in because it remains a great way to write those rough drafts that have been waiting to get jotted down and move forward on manuscripts.

For October though, I will be focused on two things:

  1. Organization
  2. Outlines

A downside of frequent wild ideation is that my meager, mortal attempts at organization often shake apart.

There’s a lot to organize: drafts at every stage of process, index notes, development lore, concept art, reference images, thematic and atmospheric music playlists, notes wherever I write them, dozens of journals and document pages, and then all the business-oriented side such as accounts, templates, and various resources like proofreading checklists, title fonts, etc.

When my main desktop computer died earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year), my old organization lapsed and fell into disrepair. That combined with my inclination to try new ways of doing things, everything has gotten to be a big ol’ mess in the digital and physical spheres.

Now, for the day-to-day, this doesn’t seem to impact too much…

…Which is why it lapsed to a point where I need to dedicate a good month’s work to getting things into place. When it comes to certain phases of publishing a book, having decent organization makes a world of difference.

One organization-related obstacle of this year has been learning a new image program that isn’t photoshop. I used photoshop for a good 10 years with an old one-time purchase student version. I’m not currently willing to pay the monthly non-student subscriptions for the current version… so I found another program that runs smoothly and has the tools required. But there’s a learning curve to reach a proficiency that results in a decent standard.

I’m at the point to put together new templates though, for covers and manuscript formatting.

So, OOOM breaks down as follows…

Physical Organization

  • Journal/notebooks (going through old notebooks, clearing them out, etc.)
  • Receipts/expenses (storing and clearing out)
  • Account management (back-up info, annual payments, etc.)
  • Shelves (other books cuz I’ve added to my reading collection a lot this past year)
  • Storage system (labels, manuscripts/binders, easy finding things, etc.)
  • Physical back-ups.

Digital Organization

  • Files/folders (going through folders, clearing them out, etc.)
  • Templates (formatting, titling, etc.)
  • Checklists (proofreading, editing, etc.)
  • Personal Word Lists (vocabulary, etc.)
  • Reference Development (notes, art, music, etc.)
  • Website Overhaul (gotta make things pretty, right?)
  • Meta development (icons, profiles, meta-stuff)
  • Account management
  • Digital back-ups.

Book Outlines

Now, for outlines, I’ll be going through pending project ideas and moving them to either the trash bin, or to a ready outline for when I am able to tackle writing it.

With exception to Us, the Three and Queen Hana, since those are well past the outline stage and currently in the final editing stages.

Some of these already have outlines that need updating or filling out a skeletal structure. All of these have partial rough drafts, so they require structured outlines to move toward completion of a full manuscript.

  • The Ones Series 1 – 4 (novels, needing updates)
  • The Descent Files: Hana 3 & 4 (novels, partially outlined)
  • Cyberpunk 1 & 2 (novels, needing updates)
  • Post-Apoc SciFantasy 1 (novel)
  • Dark Fantasy Horror 1 (novel)
  • Unnamed Fantasy 1 (novella)
  • Unnamed Fantasy 1 (novella)
  • Unnamed Fantasy Horror 1 (novella)
  • Unnamed Fantasy 1 (novella)
  • Unnamed SciFantasy 1 (novella)

As you might be able to tell… I’ve been on a fantasy kick.

Might drop a couple during this process. In this year, I’ve already dropped about five or six drafts that aren’t listed here.

That’s… 15 Outlines to tackle this month, while getting organized, and continuing the final editing, proofreading, and formatting of Us, the Three.

Even though some of it will be tedious, I’m looking forward to it.

Happy October!

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