omg, an update?

My environment recently got changed so I can (with great hope!) manage less interruptions while writing/editing/proofing/etc. While my computer always had a spot, I never had a space specifically for writing. I made do with whatever: the extra table, the rickety chair, the couch, etc. During a short stint in California, I never got proper […]


One word at a time. Such is how a writer’s quest for perfection exhausts imagination. The craft of writing is subject to overthinking. Analysis of prose can be useful, yet when it becomes the dominant priority, the heart of a story perishes. With loss of heart follows loss of passion. Excessive editing, obsession with grammar […]

Summer Update

During the start of this month, I spent days visiting the ICU of a hospital. My mother-in-law was there after a surgery. It was about a week of time, but being in a hospital made it feel much longer. The surreal aspect of watching real people living through incredibly real moments of life and death […]

New Book Release: Princess Hana is here!

The first book in my new four-part fantasy series, The Descent Files: Hana, is now available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Kobo. A story of budding romance, dashed dreams, and the loneliness of suffering secrets. War has waged for all of Princess Hana’s life. She has only just become a woman […]