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I've been quiet on here, but that's because of some indecision and then concrete action towards my direction when it comes to blogging and writing. At first I was going to write a series of writerly advice when it comes to self-publishing, getting covers, the nuts-and-bolts, that sort of thing... but after planning four months [...]

Book Review: I, The One by Dominika Lein

Book Review: I, The One by Dominika Lein

A lovely review of my short story from the Daytime Renegade.


A “universe of souls where manifestation is a literal thought away and the Strong-Willed harshly rule”. . .

An etheric plane between dimensions with no rules save that the weak will be consumed . . .

Such is the setting of I, the One, the debut work from author Dominika Lein.

Lein posits a world some souls do not move on to paradise or ultimate rest upon death, instead ending up in The Other Side, a Wild West free-for-all where the strong rule. Niman finds himself in the thrall of the spider-like Hanhoka, his Guide, who teaches him and the mysterious Katilo how to find and consume souls from multiple dimensions . . . though Niman himself has no interest in doing so.

Still, he is tasked with training Meelik, a lizard-like lik, how to survive in The Other Side, in the hopes of revealing Meelik’s guide, who…

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Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

The last day of August brings cool winds and a gentle sun here. In my home, the windows are open and crickets chirp while a luxurious breeze drifts through. It is the perfect send-off for a fairly stressful month. The last couple of months have been spent balancing between my current day job and working [...]