NEW RELEASE: StoryHack Action & Adventure!

Good morning! ...or evening... or afternoon... you know what... just... it's morning where you are right now. I don't care what the sun says! So. Gooooood Morning! Exciting news today. We have a short story release in StoryHack Action & Adventure Magazine! It's a SciFi-esque story and yes, of course I have to put that … Continue reading NEW RELEASE: StoryHack Action & Adventure!

NaNoWriMo: One More Time For All the Glory!

It's that time! November, already. I was traveling for the past week, so am playing NaNoWriMo catch-up. NaNoWriMo's new site is interesting, looks like it's been redesigned for longer term, out-of-season writing progress. Though I seem to have lost all my buddies/contacts on it, so toss me a friend request if you're participating in NaNoWriMo … Continue reading NaNoWriMo: One More Time For All the Glory!


I recently worked in a local factory on a line. It was repetitive grueling physical work, and it made me appreciate writing all the more. Writing is such a special thing, a blessing of life and consciousness. The ability to communicate through symbolic designs agreed upon by a mutual understanding of people... ...not only that … Continue reading Amazing