Anime/TV/Book Spring Round-Up

This is a rough (non-comprehensive) list of what I've been watching and reading in the past months; starting with anime, then non-anime shows, then books and at the very end I share some YouTube channels. I was going to share a partially written blog post about Aristotle's Poetics and what I've been learning while in [...]

Spring Update (+cover reveal)

I recently held a Twitter poll about whether readers want updates while I'm working on getting projects out. It was neck-and-neck but in the end, "blog posts w/thoughts" won out. For those who only care about release updates when my books are published, please sign up to my newsletter (if you haven't already). That's what [...]

New Book Release: Princess Hana is here!

The first book in my new four-part fantasy series, The Descent Files: Hana, is now available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, andย Kobo. A story of budding romance, dashed dreams, and the loneliness of suffering secrets. War has waged for all of Princess Hanaโ€™s life. She has only just become a woman [...]

CC: PulpRev Writers

This is a quick and messy post I wanted to throw out before getting back to work on my books today. It pertains to PulpRev as a community of growing writers, artists, and authors and is meant for those involved in it. Something I enjoy about PulpRev is the clash of ideas that occurs between [...]

Thank You

I've been quiet on here, but that's because of some indecision and then concrete action towards my direction when it comes to blogging and writing. At first I was going to write a series of writerly advice when it comes to self-publishing, getting covers, the nuts-and-bolts, that sort of thing... but after planning four months [...]

In Your Character’s Mind

For authors, the practice of delving into the thoughts, feelings, and processes of our characters is extremely important. The depth of this process for each character is dictated by the level of focus a story maintains on the particular character. NPC-types don't need much, if any, exploration into the internal except for a lark. Protagonists [...]