Do Your Characters Control You?

As a creator of unique fictional worlds, it is important to remember that YOU are the one who controls canon over the setting, the plot, and the characters. Writers flirt with giving characters "consciousnesses" and talking about fictional worlds as if they exist outside of themselves. There are a few reasons for this. One of which is [...]

How Dreams Influence Writing

Dreams, what exactly are they and how do they relate to our writing? Literal dreams are the visions, images, and stories you experience during slumber or sometimes in different states of consciousness. This does not pertain to 'dreams' in the sense of goals or future aims. The idea of studying dreams became popularized by Carl Jung and his [...]

Exercise 0011 – “mb” 06/11 SoCS

a word with "mb" in that order in it. Prompt for SoCS on June 11, 2016 from LindaGHill Sweetness of the gods, Ambrosia known as nectar under the great trees of the highest mountain peaks. Forbidden to human, the mortals that dwell upon the flatlands of the Earthly realm. It is strange, to consider, that [...]

A Matter of Perspective (#0039)

Let's talk about Perspective a little bit. Not first-person, not second-person, not even third-person perspectives. If you'd like to read about literal Point of View involving a narrator's position, then feel free to read these decent articles on the issue; The Write Practice's Point of View in Writing, Aim's College Points of View in Writing, Quick [...]

Power of Love & Hate (#0026)

  Something I consider while plotting is the concept of love and the concept of hate, how these emotions are processed and expressed by different personalities and the layers that can represent the inherent symbolism of the story's thematic relation with these concepts. The importance of Love & Hate pervades almost every aspect of a [...]

Tips and Tricks to Increasing Word Count – NaNo15

Inspired by NaNoWriMo. I didn't reference anything for this, just wrote my own experience, so I'm sure there is overlap with other lists out there. Anyways, here are my most used Tips and Tricks to Increasing Word Count on my NaNo Manuscript. Write Dialogue between 2-3 characters. Whenever I start writing dialogue, the characters often [...]

Exercise 0007 – Average 9/20 SoCS

"average" Prompt for SoCS on September 20, 2014 from LindaGHill It was an average day. The snow had settled in a sheet of white across the Nebraskan plains. Charcoal grey clouds hung heavily, resting against the horizon in a dense fog. Steam rolled from a rosewood hot tub, the bubbles roiling. The frothy water was [...]

Exercise 0002 – LindaGHill’s 7/26 SoCS

end with a ?, bonus for ! Prompt for SoCS on July 26, 2014 from LindaGHill It wasn't fair. Out of the entire world, fates chose to pick me. Well, it didn't seem fair at the time. I suppose as the days followed the event, I did come to the realization that fairness was an [...]