These are my recommendations to become a stronger writer and/or author.

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Writing Kindle Fiction Made Easy

by Ariel Sanders

I highly recommend this quick, but informative read to any aspiring writers seriously interested in becoming a fiction author, especially through self-publishing on Kindle. It offers a complete overview of writing fiction novels and the elements involved as well as how to sort priorities during the process. Beginning authors could learn a thing or two from it as well. He also offers a nice Kindle keyword program.

The War of Art and Turning Pro 

by Steven Pressfield

Pressfield offers a strong approach to getting work done and ruthlessly finishing regardless of mental resistance. These books were influential for me to self-publish.

Spider, Spin Me A Web: A Handbook For Fiction Writers

by Lawrence Block

This is a book that I pick up to read whenever I have a lull and need a push to get writing again. While Block has the popular Telling Lies for Fun & Profit, I personally enjoy and prefer Spider, Spin Me A Web.

Pulp Fiction

by Robert Turner

An incredibly cheap, but invaluable snippet of antique writing pamphlet from the 40s when pulp stories had a strong presence in the market. A lot of the advice is still applicable to today in terms of how to write engaging stories. Someone wrote it out so it can be read via digital text as well.

Grammatically Correct

by Anne Stilman

A recent read, but packed with digestible and valuable editing advice. I’m planning on getting a print copy for myself in the near future to keep on my bookshelf.

Last update: December 18, 2017.