Anime/TV/Book Spring Round-Up

This is a rough (non-comprehensive) list of what I’ve been watching and reading in the past months; starting with anime, then non-anime shows, then books and at the very end I share some YouTube channels. I was going to share a partially written blog post about Aristotle’s Poetics and what I’ve been learning while in […]

New Book Release: Princess Hana is here!

The first book in my new four-part fantasy series, The Descent Files: Hana, is now available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU, and Kobo. A story of budding romance, dashed dreams, and the loneliness of suffering secrets. War has waged for all of Princess Hana’s life. She has only just become a woman […]

Power of Love & Hate (#0026)

  Something I consider while plotting is the concept of love and the concept of hate, how these emotions are processed and expressed by different personalities and the layers that can represent the inherent symbolism of the story’s thematic relation with these concepts. The importance of Love & Hate pervades almost every aspect of a […]